Franziska Bischof in ihrer Edelbrennerei in Wartmannroth

Meet the locals

Natural landscapes, castles, cities and culture – these are all features that go to make up Bavaria's unique range of touristic amenities. Yet the people are at least as important for an unforgettable travel experience. In 'Meet the Locals', we invite you and your customers to come and familiarise themselves with Bavarian tradition and lifestyle via the people of the region, who embody the Bavarian spirit with what they do and the way they are. Because on the one hand they appreciate customs and traditions, whilst on the other, they blend them in an original and casual way – just traditionally different: the starred chef, the gin maker, the summit cross goldsmith ... all the way through to the woman who grows hops. Meeting these locals and travelling in their footsteps means experiencing a Bavaria which is authentic and vivacious, innovative and creative, emotional and full of surprises. And that means it guarantees a unique travel experience which will continue for a long time.

Our 'locals' serve as travel organisers, providing extra incentives for a sophisticated target group who want to look behind the scenes. Yet the travellers themselves also benefit from our Bavarian personalities. Because the latter represent genuine experiences. You can run into them in Bavarian everyday life, and you can follow their personal recommendations and insider's tips which enable you to discover things that are far from the madding crowd.

Let yourself be inspired!

Meet our locals

Franziska bei der Qualitätskontrolle ihrer Edelbrände, die in Holzfässern reifen

A master distiller in high spirits

Creating fine brandies, Franziska Bischof runs Germany’s only shop dedicated to the noble spirit

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Florian Blickenberger: Der Goldschmied bei der Anfertigung eines Kreuzes

Accessorise the Bavarian way

Florian Blickenbergers jewellery are pieces of Bavaria shaped in gold and silver

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Silvia Beyer: Die Hüttenwirtin entschied mit zwölf Jahren auf Fleisch zu verzichten

Go veggie in the Bavarian Alps

Silvia Beyer runs the first Alpine mountain hut serving only vegetarian dishes

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Jockls Passion: Wissen erfahren, neue Geschmäcker entdecken und Menschen begeistern

A Michelin star for modern Bavarian creations

In chef Jockl Kaiser’s “Meyers Keller”, traditional fare meets gourmet standards with delicious results

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Uli Brandl in seinem Restaurant

Spotlight on well-crafted food and beer

In Uli Brandl’s restaurant, regionally sourced food and drink take center stage

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Xaver's: Das Geschwister-Trio Portenlänger

A Bavarian inn with a young heart

Three siblings, one passion for hospitality – “Xaver’s” is a restaurant where people feel at home.

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Der Snow White Gin will gut verkostet sein

A very tasteful Bavarian fairy tale

“Snow White Gin” – meet four friends and their love of nature in drinkable form

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Kristin Biebl: Von der Großen Kanzel kann man bei schönem Wetter sogar die Alpen sehen

Diving deep into Germany’s oldest National Park

Ranger Kristin guides visitors through the wild and original landscapes of the Bavarian Forest

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Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival

Bavarian brass music reloaded

The “Fexer” brass trio mixes folk music with modern genres and reinterprets rock classics with gusto.

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In Attenhofen hat der Hopfenanbau Tradition

All about the hop

Hop farmer Elisabeth Stiglmaier lives and breathes the beer-essential crop

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Weingut Schenk: Der Jungwinzer in seinen Weinbergen

Hand-picked ethos

Thomas Schenk does not just produce seriously good wine. He also does it in a way that is as responsible and sustainable as possible

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Stefan Stretz: Als der Erfolg wächst, eröffnet der gelernte Brauer mitten in Gostenhof seine Schankwirtschaft.

When brewing sets trends

Stefan Stretz changed the face of Nuremberg's former shanty town Gostenhof aka GoHo with his pub Schanzenbräu

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Bead embroiderer Claudia Flügel-Eber from Carakess

Of yarn, beads and knitted trifles

Claudia's little beaded bags are made of yarn and tiny beads

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