Ilonka mit einem Glas Federweißer auf dem Traktor
Trademark: pink rubber boots and top wines

In Franconia, Ilonka Scheuring combines top wine production with sustainable and resource-saving practices.

Winemaker with ethos

Ilonka Scheuring does not only stand out because she is one of (still) only a few women in the winemaking business. It is also her trademark bright pink rubber boots that catch your eye. Since taking over her parent’s wine growing estate in Franconia, she has been producing delicious wines based on sustainability principles. Together with twelve other Franconian winegrowers, Ilonka is a member of the ETHOS Group, which adheres to a strict code in order to continue winemaking in the region in a sustainable and resource-saving way. It is fascinating to hear Ilonka talk about how she promotes biodiversity in her sloping vineyards – and it’s truly impressive to see this powerhouse of a woman run her estate more or less single-handedly.

Get to know Ilonka

Weißweine Weingut Scheuring

Ilonka's Bavarian experience

So sunstainable you can taste it!

Experience Ilonka’s passion for sustainable winemaking on a guided tour of the vineyards in the village of Margetshöchheim on the Main river. Wine tastings introduce visitors to Ilonka’s range of wines and in spring and fall, the vinery’s own cosy vine tavern is a great place to dive into local culture.

Discover (only in German)

Ilonka's insider tip

Don’t miss the wine festival in Hammelburg and the “Uferweinfest“ in Randersacker, both taking place in summer. Or try the afterwork party, hosted at Markus Meier’s vinery in Ulsenheim from February to November.

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Ilonka vor ihrem Traktor

Tourismusverband Franken e. V. (Tourism Board Franconia)
Wilhelminenstrasse 6
90461 Nuremberg
Phone: +49 911 9 41510

Ilonka Scheuring
Weingut Scheuring

Lutzgasse 6
97276 Margetshöchheim
Phone: +49 931 463 633


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