Der Snow White Gin will gut verkostet sein
A very tasteful Bavarian fairy tale

“Snow White Gin” – meet four friends and their love of nature in drinkable form.

Enchanting gin, with a touch of forest free spirit

Markus Skrobanek, Jonas Völker, Fabian Kreser and Stefan Blum, four young distillers from Lohr am Main in the Spessart region, only use local products for their “Snow White Gin”, such as spring water and needles from the Douglas firs in the forest outside town as well as apples from their parents’ orchards. When the distillery of Fabian Kreser’s grandparents was about to be closed down, he took over the distilling rights and has been running the family business ever since together with his friends. They named their gin after Snow White because the fairy tale character is the hallmark of the Spessart. The young gin makers describe the clear spirit as tasting like a walk through the woods on a fresh summer morning – what could be better!

Get to know the "Snow White Gin"-Crew

Die vier Freunde von Snow White Gin auf dem Weg zur Arbeit

Bavarian experience from the "Snow White Gin"-Crew

Be part of the distilling process

Markus, Jonas, Fabian and Stefan, the four guys behind “Snow White Gin”, live and breathe their craft. They only use locally sourced ingredients – and gin lovers can not only tour their distillery but also join the crew on one of their “sourcing trips” in the forest and help with the distilling and bottling!

Discover (only in German)

Insider tip from the "Snow White Gin"-Crew

The Spessart, a range of low wooded mountains, provides for a wonderful deep dive into nature. Hike to the Sohlhöhe viewpoint to get the best views!

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 2018 gewannen die Brenner mit ihrem Snow White Gin die Silbermedaille beim Craft Spirit Festival

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Snow White Gin
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