Markus Hoppe packt in seiner Brauerei gerne selbst mit an
From garage brewery to fast-growing business

From Mauritius to Bavaria: Widely travelled brewer Markus Hoppe creates beers like no other.

Unlock your inner beer connoisseur

It started in his parents’ garage and is now a thriving business: Markus Hoppe’s “Hoppebräu” brewery is all about handcrafted beers, including unusual variations for adventurous beer aficionados. Alongside his brewery, he runs a popular taproom where guests can sample his beers while peeking into the state-of-the-art brewery through a large window. Next to classic varieties such as Helles or Weissbier there are unique microbeer creations on tap that owe their distinct taste to a special brewing technique.

Get to know Markus

In addition to the classic pale ale, there is also green hop beer

Markus' Bavarian experience

New philosophy, new kinds of beer

Microbeers, unusual brewing method and a hands-on boss: Markus Hoppe’s “Hoppebräu” brewery is different. Guided tours provide insights into the young Bavarian’s beer philosophy, which includes sourcing almost all raw materials locally. Don’t miss the in-house “Zapferei” taproom, and join the locals for the popular Weisswurst breakfast every Friday morning.


Markus' insider tip

Ten minutes from my home town of Waakirchen, Bad Tölz with its charming old town is always worth a visit. Get an ice-cream and saunter along the Isar!

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In seiner Heimat ist Markus gern mit dem Rad unterwegs

Tourismus Oberbayern e.V. (Tourism Board Upper Bavaria)
Balanstrasse 57
81541 Munich
Phone: +49 89 90778270

Markus Hoppe

Tölzer Straße 37
83666 Waakirchen
Phone: +49 8021 500 771 43


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