Uli Brandl in seinem Restaurant
Spotlight on well-crafted food and beer

In Uli’s restaurant, regionally sourced food and drink take center stage.

Between trend and tradition

The Allgäu/Bavarian Swabia region is particularly noted for its culinary diversity. The peasant-style cuisine offers nothing but the best – hearty, wholesome and good food that is produced locally! For Uli Brandl, cooking is a craft – or more precisely, a handicraft. The guest room is reminiscent of a workshop flooded with light: the floor is made of 200-year-old wooden planks. On the menu, guests will find unusual and creative dishes, such as an ostrich burger or bread with beer seasoning.

But it’s not just the exceptional menu that guests love about his restaurant. Many come because of Uli producer concept: His suppliers produce their food according to strict criteria. Meat, fish, vegetables, bakery goods, honey, cheese and even the ice all come from small businesses around Sonthofen. Uli is personally involved in checking production conditions. This is the proof that he has found the perfect balance between tradition and trend.

Get to know Uli

Uli Brandl: Im

Uli's Bavarian experience

Best of craft beer

“Geselligkeit” is a special German term when people get together for a good time with food and drink. Hospitality expert Uli knows how to create such moments the Bavarian way – with a choice of craft beers to taste, cheese and locally made bread.

Discover (only in German)

Uli's insider tip

“Viehscheid”, a traditional autumn event celebrating the return of the cattle from the mountain pastures to their winter quarters in the valley. Absolutely unique!

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Tourismusverband Allgäu/Bayerisch-Schwaben e. V. (Tourism Board Allgäu/Bavarian-Swabia)
Schießgrabenstrasse 14
86150 Augsburg
Phone: +49 821 4504 010
Email: info@tvabs.de

Uli Brandl | s’handwerk
Rathausplatz 1
87527 Sonthofen
Phone: +49 8321 8001 966
Email: info@shandwerk.de


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