Die Fexer: Das Trio vor den begeisterten Zuschauer am Blasius-Festival
Bavarian brass music reloaded

The “Fexer” brass trio mixes folk music with modern genres and reinterprets rock classics with gusto.

Making traditional tunes funky

The word “Fexer” is Bavarian dialect for “offspring” and the name chosen by three young musicians from the Oberpfalz region for what is probably the smallest brass band in the world. With trumpet, tuba and flugelhorn, Alexander Schuhmann and the siblings Sophie and Daniel Barth not only reinterpret polkas and waltzes with gusto but also rock classics, such as “Don’t stop believing” by US rock band Journey. Infusing well-known tunes with their unique musical flair, the band represents a new kind of Bavarian brass music, mixing traditional folk music and modern tunes. The “Fexer” trio is touring all over Germany where their gigs go down a treat with music fans.

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Bavarian experience from "Die Fexer"

Be there when folk music meets modern genres

Music is the one language we all understand – and when “Die Fexer”, three young musicians from a small village in Upper Bavaria, get going, the party really gets started. The brass trio is a much-loved guest at events and festivities in the region. Join in and experience Bavarian brass with a difference! 

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Don’t miss the ruins of Wolfstein Castle located above Neumarkt in den Upper Palatinate region for gorgeous views of the surroundings!

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Die Fexer spielen Auftritte in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz

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