Kristin Biebl: Von der Großen Kanzel kann man bei schönem Wetter sogar die Alpen sehen
Diving deep into Germany’s oldest National Park

Ranger Kristin guides visitors through the wild and original landscapes of the Bavarian Forest.

Special Mission - protecting the environment 

Together with her colleagues, Kristin provides information about the National Park. She checks, clears and secures the trails and looks after the animals that live in the forest.
Her love of nature in her native Bavarian Forest goes back to Kristin's childhood. Together with her parents and grandparents, she spent most of her time in the impressive landscape around Spiegelau. Building nest boxes, hiking through the mountains and exploring the moors - Kristin was fully inspired and resolved to become a ranger one day. A couple of years later her dream became reality.

Get to know Kristin

Kristin Biebl: Die Rangerin erklärt die Tier- und Pflanzenwelt des Nationalparks Bayerischer Wald

Kristin's Bavarian experience

Touring the Bavarian Forest

Huge boulders, mixed woodland, ancient trees and young saplings – touring the Bavarian Forest National Park is a full-on nature experience. Listening to the rangers‘ insights, the need to protect this green oasis becomes very clear and urban dwellers in particular will savor the clear air and breathtaking views.


Kristin's insider tip

For the best panoramic view of the Bavarian Forest, make your way up Lusen mountain – and just enjoy!

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Kristin Biebl: Mit elf Jahren war sie bereits Junior Rangerin

Tourismusverband Ostbayern e. V. (Tourism Board Eastern Bavaria)
Im Gewerbepark D 02 / D04
93059 Regensburg
Phone: +49 941 585 390

Kristin Biebl | Michael Grossmann (Supervisor Rangers)
Nationalparkwacht Neuschönau
Böhmstraße 39
94556 Neuschönau
Phone: +49 8558 972980
Phone: +49 09922 609 635


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