Weingut Schenk: Der Jungwinzer in seinen Weinbergen
Hand-picked ethos

Thomas Schenk does not just produce seriously good wine. He also does it in a way that is as responsible and sustainable as possible, as we found out when we called in to see him.

Winemaker Thomas Schenk

Thomas, a young winemaker from Lower Franconia, lives in Randersacker and not only produces excellent wines at his "Schenk" winery, but is also committed to sustainability. In Franconia, many vines grow on steep slopes. The region is famous for this. The use of machinery is impossible there, everything is done by hand. You can taste the love and time that Thomas Schenk puts into his wines. 
Together with twelve other young winemakers from all over Franconia, Thomas has founded the group "Ethos", which has developed its own code of ethics. The members believe that vineyards should be seen not just as usable land, but as entire ecosystems whose biodiversity must be preserved. This means that no herbicides or insecticides are used on the vines, which are cultivated using organic methods.

Get to know Thomas

Thomas' Bavarian experience

Winemaking is an art

The people behind Schenk Winery embody art and passion. They love to share what makes their approach to winemaking so special. Wine walks and tastings are a wonderful way to immerse yourself in what makes this winery so special.

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Thomas' insider tip

The Würzburg Residence is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent baroque palace. I particularly love the Hofgarten and always find peace and quiet there.

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Jungwinzer Thomas Schenk aus Randersacker

Tourismusverband Franken e. V. 
Wilhelminenstraße 6
90461 Nuremberg
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Thomas Schenk
Weingut Schenk
Ochsenfurter Straße 31
97236 Randersacker
Phone: +49 (0)931 707 697
E-Mail: info@weingut-schenk.de


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