It's nicest outdoors! Nature & outdoor life in Bavaria

What is the best season for an activity holiday in the Nature of Bavaria? The answer to that is absolutely obvious: spring, summer, autumn and winter! So what can you do here? The list is virtually endless. It begins with hiking, includes cycling and water sports and is nowhere near finished when you get to skiing and snowshoeing. So that you can give your customers the best possible advice in view of this wide range of amenities, we present you with the most beautiful natural and outdoor highlights from all the Bavarian holiday regions in our guide.

Goldsteig: Etappe von Eck zum Großen Arberschutzhaus

Bavarian Forest National Park

Discover the Bavarian Forest National Park. Here you have many opportunities to experience a vacation in harmony with nature in every season

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Wanderparadies Wildbachklamm: Eine 200 Meter lange Wildwasserschlucht im Berchtesgadener Land

Berchtesgaden National Park

A visit to Berchtesgaden National Park - that means immersion in "pure nature" and fascinating insights into an ecological paradise

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Wandern bei der barocke Basilika Vierzehnheilige bei Bad Staffelstein

Outdoor activies in Bavaria

Be active in nature and breathe fresh air. Here is a selection of outdoor activities your clients can experience in Bavaria

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Blick auf die Donau im schwäbischen Donautal

Bavaria's most beautiful rivers

Wildly roaring, calmly flowing, surrounded by steep canyons or nestled in gentle meadows - Bavaria's rivers are fascinatingly diverse.

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Wallfahrtskirche St. Barholomä am Königssee

Bavaria's most beautiful lakes

Vacation on the water in Bavaria? Always! Even without its own coastline, Bavaria is a dream destination for anyone looking for a getaway by the water

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Schneeschuhwanderer von hinten im Bayerischen Wald

Winter sports in Bavaria

There are many good reasons why Bavaria is a winter sports paradise! Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and much more await you

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Seilbahn zur Zugspitze

Mountain cableways in Bavaria

Where there are mountains, there are mountain railways! Bavaria's mountain railways are as varied as the landscape and offer the most beautiful views

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