Märchenhaft: Schloss Neuschwanstein im Herbst

Historical Bavaria

The mighty cathedral and the Stone Bridge in Regensburg, the crooked half-timbered houses and winding lanes in Rothenburg. In some places in Bavaria, you get the impression that time has hardly passed at all since the Middle Ages. But traces of the more recent past have also been preserved in Bavaria: in Füssen, at Herrenchiemsee and in Ettal in the Ammergau Alps, the fairy-tale castles of King Ludwig II still shine out in all their lustre. Historical memorials such as the Nazi party rally grounds and the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, and the concentration camp memorial in Dachau, are admonitory reminders of the National Socialism of the 20th century, and meeting places which invite people to hold open dialogues about the present and the future. Here are a few of the main locations at which your customers can experience history in a particularly impressive way.

Ludwig II and his fairy-tale castles

Ludwig II went down in history as a fairy tale king. He ascended the throne in 1864 at the age of 18

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Mittelalter und Renaissance: Aus den Fenstern hat man eine wunderbare Sicht über die Drei-Flüsse-Stadt

Medieval Bavaria

Traces of the Middle Ages can still be seen in Bavaria today, and the many stories that surround them continue to fascinate many people

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Regensburg: Nur 30 Minuten von Regensburg entfernt thront seit 1842 die Walhalla, ein einem griechischen Tempel ähnelnde Prachtbau

Historical memorials in Bavaria

Throughout the republic, including Bavaria, memorials tell the story of Germany's 20th century past

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